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The Athlete’s Guide to Mindfulness:

An Adult Playbook

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about mindfulness and how it can help you reach your goals with improved focus, empowered decision-making, and improved mental well-being.

At The Turner Practice, we believe that mindfulness isn’t just for athletes; it’s a tool we can all use to thrive both on and off the field. Our new book puts a focus on working with adults to help them reach their goals through improved focus and attention, important strategies for decision-making, and improved mental well-being.

This is the newest offering from The Turner Practice written by Lauren Turner and designed by Hella High Magic Media. 🔮

How Can I Get it?

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What is The Athlete’s Guide to Mindfulness?

It is an “Adult Playbook!” It is also a unique and practical resource for adult athletes looking to tap into their inner child in a healthy way after years of competition and focus. It includes an introduction to mindfulness, reflections & worksheets to guide and help athlete’s connect the practice in their everyday lives. And the most fun part of it is the coloring pages that allow you to let your mind and imagination wander as you create intentional space in your life for your mental well being!

Created by an expert team, this book offers a range of mindfulness exercises and strategies specifically designed for athletes, helping you cultivate greater focus, balance, and well-being on and off the field. Whether you're dealing with burnout, stress, or any other challenges, "The Athlete's Guide to Mindfulness - An Adult Playbook" has the tools you need to find balance, clarity, and joy in your athletic pursuits.

Look out for the next version which will focus on the specific challenges of teen athlete’s!

Who Is It for?

  • Sports Coaches

  • Professional athletes

  • Recreational athletes

  • College Athletes

  • Personal Trainers

  • Sports Medicine Professionals

  • Anyone who wants to understand more about the connection of mindfulness to sports

We're so excited to offer you a chance to gain an even deeper understanding of mindfulness, and hope that you take advantage of this special offer today and get the book!

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